Commercial Tire Ground Break

We just broke ground for Ontario’s Commercial Tire! James bravely received a face full of dirt for the photo op. We are excited to start working with the county to secure permits, and the dive right on in to the nitty gritty project details, including paving, sitework, and installing Idaho Power for conduit on the southeast corner of the parcel.

Health Challenge Champions

The health challenge champs confess their secrets!

We thought he might struggle with sympathy baby weight-gain, but Miles squeezed by Kyle at the finish line by just 06%. His approach? 100 burpees each day. He also followed a strict keto diet that only included steak, chicken, and cheese.

Kyle strength trains every morning at 4:30am and stays consistent with his diet of balanced macronutrients (fats, proteins AND carbs!) Which carbs? Oats, rice, and potatoes. But what about vegetables? “Veggies are not a food, they are vitamins, and they don’t count toward calories,” he insists.

Tom started out on the keto diet for a boost of initial fat loss. He was in ketosis for two weeks after maintaining the diet for a month. He switched to nutritional timing: eating carbs in the morning, fats at lunch, and proteins with a complex carb for dinner (e.g. steak and broccoli). He developed knee issues mid-challenge which prevented him from completing the second part of his plan — exercise.