Tree Wrap Service Project

We partnered with the City of Boise at Kathryn Albertson Park to care for our trees and ensure they will be available for future generations of Idahoans. Black cottonwoods and willows are unfortunately a favorite food and construction resource for beavers, which affects the habitat for a wide range of species like the Bald Eagle and the Black Horned Owl. We protect the trees by wrapping them in wire, leaving enough space for the tree to grow.


You can see the beaver damage in the photos below. Take a look next to Max McKenna’s left hand in the red glove.

TIPS Tilt-up Training

HC Company’s training and development programs in action: Cameron Murphy and Wes Watts provided job site quality control training on TIPS Tilt-up Panels. They reviewed the pick plan, pour plan, and how to verify bar dimensions and placement. The team was able to see what the panels look like before they are tilted.