HC Company’s 20th Anniversary: It’s About the Relationships

From humble beginnings to 50+ employees strong we are taking pause to look back at the road and more importantly, the people, that got us here. Our team’s passion and commitment to excellence have brought us to this most auspicious 20 year milestone! Their success has become our success. We can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring.

HC Company Celebrates 20 Years

As of March 6th, we are celebrating two decades of building relationships and exceeding expectations! We have strived to create an experience and environment in our culture that emphasizes the importance of people and relationships above all else. The exceptional work that we produce is a byproduct of our focus on customer service. To our clients and trade partners, thank you for the opportunity to build together over the last 20 years!

This infographic highlights some milestones, including no layoffs in the 2008 recession or the COVID-19 pandemic, securing our first client Hewlett Packard, two office moves, breaking ground on the 100K SF Greyloch Manufacturing Plant, and the addition of 42 incredible employees that make up the entirety of our dream team.


Stroke of Luck for Joe Perdew

To Joe Perdew’s surprise, he was led to the conference room for an immediate interview after he dropped off his resume. By a stroke of luck, there happened to be a different candidate interview at that time with a similar first and last name.  The mix-up was in our favor; Joe Perdew was hired!  Right before Joe entered the building that day his friend had consoled him over the phone on his enduring  job search: “When it’s meant to be it will  come.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! Welcome to the team, Joe!

Marlyssa Aguilar Promoted to Contracts Manager

Marlyssa has been an invaluable member of the team for 6 years as of 2022. She started as the receptionist and quickly moved into the Administrative Assistant role. We are pleased to announce her second promotion within the company to Contracts Manager. Congratulations, Marlyssa, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to HC Company!

TIPS Tilt-up Training

HC Company’s training and development programs in action: Cameron Murphy and Wes Watts provided job site quality control training on TIPS Tilt-up Panels. They reviewed the pick plan, pour plan, and how to verify bar dimensions and placement. The team was able to see what the panels look like before they are tilted.