USGS – United States Geological Survey

Project Description

The 7,838 SF USGS building includes laboratories, offices, and a hydronic/geothermal system that heats and cools the building. The purpose of this project was to consolidate the USGS Boise area facilities on existing USGS property at 230 N. Collins Rd in Boise, Idaho.  USGS has two centers operating in Boise, Idaho; one at the forest and rangeland ecosystems science center (FRESC) – snake river field station (SRFS); and the second site is the Idaho water science center (IDWSC).  Under this project, the SRFS laboratory and office space were relocated to the USGS IDWSC campus and housed in the new Building-4.  The scope of work also included the removal of the existing building-4 structure, improvements to service yards and employee parking areas.

Client: USGS

Category: High Tech, Office



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