Health Challenge Champions

The health challenge champs confess their secrets!

We thought he might struggle with sympathy baby weight-gain, but Miles squeezed by Kyle at the finish line by just 06%. His approach? 100 burpees each day. He also followed a strict keto diet that only included steak, chicken, and cheese.

Kyle strength trains every morning at 4:30am and stays consistent with his diet of balanced macronutrients (fats, proteins AND carbs!) Which carbs? Oats, rice, and potatoes. But what about vegetables? “Veggies are not a food, they are vitamins, and they don’t count toward calories,” he insists.

Tom started out on the keto diet for a boost of initial fat loss. He was in ketosis for two weeks after maintaining the diet for a month. He switched to nutritional timing: eating carbs in the morning, fats at lunch, and proteins with a complex carb for dinner (e.g. steak and broccoli). He developed knee issues mid-challenge which prevented him from completing the second part of his plan — exercise.